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Hardik Modi
An engineer with Ericsson by day, Hardik has been involved with written documentation for a while now. He has authored numerous reports and articles published in various newspapers and newsletters. Among other things, he is a past recipient of the Albert Schweitzer International Award for Youth in Environment (2nd place, 1995) and is a co-founder of the Club of Youth Working for Environment (CYWEN).
Email :

Seemantini Pathak
After a three-year stint in Business Consulting, Seemantini is about tobegin a PhD in Management, where she hopes to explore two of her pet interests: the relationship between business and technology, and mathematics. She has been involved with writing for some time now, having authored a number of newspaper articles and consulting reports.
Email :

Prashant Kaw
A B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Maryland, Prashant has a keen interest in the application of mathematical models to the life sciences. Presently he is a full time web programmer while between schools. Besides anthropology and web design he has published architectural drawings in various archaeological journals and books (SHAJ, Companion Encyclopaedia of Archaeology etc.).
Email :

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