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Meet the team

As stated elsewhere, has been launched to empower applicants to approach the application process with information that we feel would have been useful when we were applicants ourselves.

Over the years, in our individual capacities, we've been guiding friends and acquaintances in the intricacies of writing application essays. We've felt their fear and have identified with their trepidation at the entire process. As individuals with little experience with American university system, the application process seemed quaint and sometimes perplexing.

We've noticed far too many individuals with brilliant technical backgrounds who've had to settle for universities that were not necessarily their first choice, merely because they were lacking the skills and knowledge that the application process (and not necessarily the graduate program) called for.

Since we've arrived in the United States, we've come to realize that even natives of the system aren't always equipped to do full justice to the application process. Hence the site.

We cannot really claim to be speaking from the perspective of one who is an insider in the application evaluation process. None of us have ever sat in on an application committee of an American University.

But the experience we've gained as a result of helping others with their essays, and the feedback we've received from these very people once they start school, has conferred on us a level of familiarity with what is required in an application essay. Through this site, we seek to share this familiarity with other applicants.

Meet the team

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