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What is a Statement of

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Scholarship SoPs?
What other resources can I


Give your Statement of Purpose an Edge at!

It is essential to show your SoP to a few people whose opinion you respect – an English teacher from school, a professor, an older friend, a parent or a relative. Include among these, 2-3 people who know you well. Ask your readers to pay particular attention to the following points:

  • The beginning and the end – do they hold interest?
  • The logical and smooth flow of ideas – does each paragraph smoothly give way to the next?
  • The structure – does each paragraph bring home a central idea and contribute to the overall ‘feel’ of the essay? Are the paragraphs in proper positions?
  • The style and language – are they appropriate and consistent? Does the essay have too many cliches? Does it repeat particular words or phrases too often? Does it have too many superlatives?
  • The tone – is it unnecessarily boastful or overly modest? 
  • The quality of the essay – is it boring? Does it bring out the writer’s personality? Does it include superfluous information? Or conversely, are there incidents or aspects the essay should mention? 
  • Ask your readers to write their comments on the essay. Also, spend some time discussing it with them. Listen to their suggestions carefully but remember that this is your essay. You don’t have to implement every suggestion, only those that make sense to you.

    "In their shoes" check or Final printout

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